John Philip Sage

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Combining Architecture and Graphic Design backgrounds, John Philip Sage designs exhibitions, books and other visual outlets. John follows a research-based methodology rooted in critical Design, with a particular interest in education and academia, currently as an associate member and tutor at STORE. He has worked for the Tate, the V&A, UAL, Mozilla Foundation and Meatspace Press and has taken part in several art residencies in Barcelona (Fabra i Coats) and Santiago de Chile (Balmaceda Arte Joven). Open to expand a network of transdisciplinary collaborations, he is part of two collectives: 1) ‘Gran Tapiz’ with Carmen Seijas and Manuel Gómez Domínguez exploring the intersection between spirituality and graphic culture; and 2) ‘Neurodiversity, Art and Design’ with Luca M. Damiani and Natasha Trotman.
+44 (0)7835 296 518
IG @johnphilipsage

Makers Manual Vol. 1

Data Justice and COVID-19

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Fair Work in the Gig Economy

How to Run a City Like Amazon

Gran Tapiz

New Rites

LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019

Cooking in a Hackney Estate

LCC Degree Shows 2019

V&A: Artificially Intelligent

Tate: Frank Bowling

Natural Artifice

Tate: Pierre Bonnard


Mozfest 2018, 2019: Art+Data

The Red Book

Sound Symbolism

One Day Workshop Exhibition


Tate Exchange: Living with the Iot

Queer Objects

2016 Graphic and Media Design, London College of Communication
2012 Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona
2010 London Metropolitan University
2020 Graphic Designer at the V&A Design Studio, London
2018/2019/2020 Graphic Designer at the Tate Design Studio, London
2019 'Arts+Culture' at Mozfest, Mozilla Foundation, London
2019 LCC Degree and Postgrad Shows, UAL
2018 'Art+Data' at Mozfest, Mozilla Foundation, London
2018 V&A Digital Design Weekend, London
2017 Exhibition Designer Assistant, Nina Jua klein Studio, London
2017 'Artist Open Studios' at Mozfest, Mozilla Foundation, London
2017 Graphic Visualizer/Researcher 'Art:Work' Tate Exchange
2016 Double Decker Curators, London
2016 'MozEX' at Mozfest, Mozilla Foundation, London
2016 Visual Editions Publisher, London (Internship)
Selected Clients
Victoria & Albert Museum
Meatspace Press
Mozilla Foundation
University of the Arts London
NHS Foundation Trust
Oxford Internet Institute
2019 Warsaw Store Summer School in collaboration with Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
2019 East Education Summer School, Here East, London
2018 Woodbridge School (Store)
2018 Open House London (UCL+Store)
2018 Queer Flags workshop in collaboration with The Outside Project and Queerseum
2018 Pimlico Academy (Store)
2018 Visiting Practitioner at the Architectural Association, London
2018 Visiting Lecturer at Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago
2017 Visiting Practitioner at LCC (UAL), London
Art Residency
2019 Fabra i Coats, Barcelona
2018 Queering Mozfest, London
2018 Balmaceda Arte Joven, Santiago, Chile