John Philip Sage

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How to Run a City Like Amazon

How to Run a City like Amazon, and other Fables is a book edited by Mark Graham, Rob Kitchin, Shannon Mattern and Joe Shaw. A collection of stories using 38 different business models and practices to produce speculative fiction of their application to running the cities of the future.

The typesetting of HTRCLA aims to create an uncanny text rendering in the context of digital-let dystopias. It is set in a combination of six very similar typefaces that fall into the category of Neo-Grotesques. The slight contrast between each letterform’s main features produces a granularity suggesting an ominous aesthetic while not compromising the reading experience. Taking a closer look at these features opens up a crack that leads the reader to question the veracity of information and the process which determined the combination.

Designed with Carlos Romo-Melgar
Publisher Meatspace Press
London 2019