John Philip Sage

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BOARC Courier

BOARC Courier is an open typeface that translates the ‘imprints’ found at BOARC and Bidston Hill into letterforms. Like other elements of the visual identity, it functions as an open protocol, allowing users to activate, re-evaluate and expand it as they see fit.

The initial version of the typeface sources its forms in archival documents, correspondence, letterheads, carvings on the hill’s surface, and a collection of symbols representative of Bidston Hill. The design of the letterforms is unified by a geometric structure that reflects the visual language prevalent in the archive’s data records, taking advantage of the legal status of Courier and its widespread availability across various devices.

Additionally, the typographic protocol includes a grid that enables users to contribute new glyphs to expand the typeface, encouraging change and distributing authority in the current visual language of BOARC.

Designed in collaboration with Carlos Romo-Melgar