John Philip Sage

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Queer Objects

Queer Objects is a research project presented in the format of a fictional exhibition about objects that fall outside heteronormative standards and challenge us to establish a different relating with with our bodies. The aim is to generate a queer orientation through the curatorial practice and to teach the audience how to reorient themselves with a subverted navigation system. The key is to consider queer as a methodology and an instrument to design a scenario for experience, interaction, gathering and critical reflexion.

Understanding orientation not only as sexual orientation, but as a bodily orientation, the exhibition allows you to perform a queer orientation with your body through a performative navigation device. It works as a reorientation-compass and it is made to occasionally help you reflect on an object and guide you to the next one, creating synchronic visibility relations between object and exploring different levels of view. As a visitor, you are free to explore the itinerary with the navigation tool and equally free to ignore it.